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Hi, I'm Addie.

I am an interdisciplinary artist. I prefer mixed media on wood panels or paper, digital illustration, and ceramics. I work with whatever I can to create layered artworks that combine influences from graphic design, street art, travel, topography, and children's books. My work does not show one particular space or time but expresses anxiety, memory, identity, time, and escapism and how they can affect perception or experiences.
When not making art: I climb, hike, read, and cuddle with my pups. I also organize art activations with CulturalDC and advocate for women and the arts. 

Addie Moore _ photo credit _ Fabricio Fernandez at decristo studio 4

Commission, opportunities, and collaborations.

Please reach out if you have any ideas for commissions, collaborations, or other opportunities to connect and create. I am always taking on new challenges and offer affordable pricing and payment structures. I am open to custom pieces, illustration, design, classes, and otherwise. 

Washington, DC



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