Ahmaud Arbery Tribute


All proceeds will go to help his family Ahmaud Arbery and his community.


I felt inspired to do a memorial piece for Ahmaud Arbery. Yesterday was his birthday (May 8th). He’s my age. He’s a runner like me.  I realize my privilege. I am a blonde, white woman. I live my life in peace, not worried about how others perceive me, not worried about my safety, not worried about whether someone will refuse to help me or ignore me, not afraid for my life. I didn’t earn that. I was born into it. I'd like to use my privilege to help in whatever way I can. Stand up for each other. Ahmaud was shot in February while on a run, something I do all the time without fear. Not okay. I chose to include flowers in the background as a nod to Kehinde Wiley, an incredible contemporary American painter,  but also to show mourning and potential. Irises are a traditional flower for mourning. I included the buds to show the potential in this man that was halted but hopefully the beginning of greater awareness and action against hate and fear. Share this if you can.

Fundraiser will be live until May 23rd.

Prints will be made to order and shipped late May. Will be 8.5x11


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