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I have a variety of outlets that allow you to shop and support my work. I create wallpaper, fabric, notebooks, prints, tutorials, coloring pages, and other incredible items through a variety of outlets. You can support my art practice and receive goodies, buy custom bolts of fabric, decorate your home with my prints, or buy a unique gym bag/notebook/dress, or otherwise on Redbubble.


Here I have behind-the-scenes looks at my projects, big and small. I release free screensavers and coloring pages. I periodically send out goodies to everyone and of course you're now on my Christmas card list. If you're on the highest tier you receive special gifts every three months with surprise prints, t-shirts, and stickers. You also get to feel good about helping me sustain my art practice and pay my studio rent.  


Ceramics, Prints & Stickers

High quality prints and stickers, at your service. I order, package, and send these myself with love. Decorate your home (or your notebook) with my artwork! I use Shopify because it's inexpensive and it populates across social media (less work for me)!

Phone covers, dresses, skirts, notebooks,
you name it.

I love Redbubble because I can make all the things I want without the cost of overhead and inventory. Here you can find my work printed on so many things. Everything is printed and shipped in the US: also it's quick and high quality, what's not to love?

Explore my latest collection.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 5.27.35 PM.png

Fabric and Wallpaper

Are you a quilter? An interior designer? A hobbiest?

I am so excited to sell my work with Spoonflower. I have always wanted to do a line of patterns and here we are! Spoonflower is high quality with so many options. Also, they handle everything in-house so I don't have the overhead, just the profits.

Commission, opportunities, and collaborations.

Please reach out if you have any ideas for commissions, collaborations, or other opportunities to connect and create. I am always taking on new challenges and offer affordable pricing and payment structures.

I am always open to custom pieces, illustration, design, classes,

and otherwise. 

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